PAREN S MARSA (Guy from Mars)

PAREN S MARSA (Guy from Mars)

Running time: 94 min
Genre: Black comedy
Writers: Sergei Osipyan, Aleksandr Lungin
Director: Sergei Osipyan
Director of Photography: Marat Adelshin
Production Designer: Sergei Agin
Editing: Dmitry Slobtsov
Sound: Vladimir Litrovnik
Producer: Yevgeny Gindilis
Production: TVINDIE film production

Release: April 2011

Cast: Sergei Abroskin, Kseniya Kutepova, Igor Chernevich, Igor Yatsko, Artyom Tkachenko, Lina Mirimskaya

Black comedy about the routine of a large corporation, producing chocolate bars.
The claustrophobic office space and its dwellers are part of a funny and grotesque picture. The main character, young man from the marketing department, tries to find his stolen car with the help of militia and head of a local gang. He confronts a chaotic life of a small provincial town outside his office, trying to guess its laws. As a result, he fails to fulfill the task of his American boss, and finds his Ford painted and rebuilt as a street-racer’s car. Of course, his personal life also changes…


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